[ Project Work Package ]

WP1: By Products

By-products will be sampled by finding tomato peels and seeds, crushed red corn from industrial entities living in Lombardy Region. Further characterization of functional molecules is intended to define three new production lines of extracts: tuning and optimization of different process phases for the establishment of by-product storage and pre-treatment procedures. WP1 includes the development of extraction tests in CO2 and SFE pilot plant and water extraction.

WP2: chemical characterization and safety & efficacy profile

Chemical characterization and safety & efficacy profile through qualitative and quantitative evaluation of active contents, microbiological evaluation for different batches and further standardization of extracts and evaluation of safety profile. In-vitro and in-vivo efficacy studies will be performed to assess specific cosmetic and nutraceutical applications. WP2 includes, also, the characterization of exhausted by-products and evaluation of their reuse as a completion of eco-sustainability evaluation of the process

WP3: Formulation of extracts-based ready-to-use products

Formulation of extracts-based ready-to-use products for cosmeceutical applications. These innovative finished products will be tested in stability and compatibility on laboratory and pre-industrial scale to evaluate optimal characteristics and competitive value. In addition, WP3 includes the evaluation of the formulas compatibility in luxury color cosmetic formulas and particular application as suntronic technology.

WP4: Economic and environmental analysis – LCA

Economic and environmental analysis – LCA aims at obtaining a “Life Cycle Assessment” by applying the procedure provided by UNI EN ISO 14040. All the data, about energy consumption and processes costs, collected during WP1, WP2 and WP3 will allow the monitoring and measurement of the environmental impact of processes and products compared to traditional supply chains.

WP5: Management

Management and coordination of the project are carried out to ensure an efficient monitoring of the performance of activities and economic aspects by taking corrective measures if necessary.